Positions available! Join the UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center
The Petritsch Lab conducts basic research in mammalian oligodendroglia and glioma biology with the goal to identify novel regulators of cell fate and asymmetric cell division and validate them as therapeutic targets for anti-glioma therapy in preclinical studies, whilst partaking in a very active, clinical research program.

Lab members are expected to uphold strong work ethics and to maintain a collaborative and instructive environment, and most importantly, to have a positive attitude. Petritsch Lab members receive caring mentorship and first-class training from faculty, their peers, and collaborators, to allow you to reach their maximum potential.  Trainees receive the opportunity and encouragement to address the scientific questions that interest you the most and to carry out and finish the experiments best suited to address these questions. You will be provided with the necessary infrastructure to successfully carry out your research. 

To join the Petritsch Lab as:

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, you will need to be the first author on at least one peer-reviewed, high impact factor publication and will be expected to be eligible for fellowship or grant applications.  We are currently searching for a postdoctoral trainee with expertise in molecular and cellular biology of oligodendroglia and/or glioma.  Please email [email protected] with a full application, including a cover letter describing past research projects and experience, current and future research interests, career goals, and what you expect to contribute to the Petritsch Lab and hope to experience here.  Please include a full CV and the names, emails and phone numbers of references (minimum of three) and a list of fellowships with deadlines that you will be eligible for.
  • Halloween 2015
  • Graduate Student (UCSF or international), you are welcome to apply by emailing [email protected]  The Petritsch Lab welcomes motivated, enthusiastic and curious students and offers encouragement and inspiration.  Please see our “People” page to follow the successful path that previous Petritsch Lab students have taken after graduation.
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  • an Undergraduate Student, to conduct an internship, please email [email protected] with a short CV indicating your class schedule, relevant coursework, names and emails of professors or instructors for references. Please indicate how much time you estimate to plan to spend in the lab and what your goals are post-graduation. 
  • Research Assistants or Lab Managers, and you are passionate about supporting our research with the necessary technical and organizational skills, please send an email to [email protected] Please enclose a CV with previous work experience, technical expertise (ranked by level), names, emails and phone numbers of references (minimum of three) and a statement about your expectations for the appointment type and lengths.