Our mission is to make groundbreaking discoveries and train the future leaders in the field of oligodendroglia and glioma biology. We set ourselves up to make new and exciting discoveries, by designing experiments carefully, carrying them out with the greatest attention to detail and documenting every step along the way, by analyzing data with an open eye for unexpected results, and presenting results logically to your peers and to the larger scientific community.  Every trainee is expected to write clear and complete Protocols, run them by colleagues and improve them through integrating feedback (read this for more details on UC policy on record keeping) and make them available to your colleagues.

We value the following: integrity, focus, persistence, great work ethics, efficiency, collegiality, curiosity, flexibility, and most importantly, a positive and open mindset that allows you to see opportunities.  To make sure that everyone has a good time in the lab, take care of yourself by keeping a healthy life style, be considerate of your lab members and care for them.

Postdocs, students, and visiting scientist: Applying for fellowships and grants is an important part of an academic research career. You are expected to scout for fellowship/grant opportunities, write the first draft of the proposal and request feedback from your team members early, to allow for 2-3 revisions and a timely submission. Upon receiving and award letter for fellowships, grants and stipends, and donations of any kind (related to your past and current work and/or project), you are required to immediately disclose them to the PI.  

Claudia’s job: Mentoring the next generation of outstanding oligodendroglia and glioma researchers is my top priority and my passion. I am happy to provide experimental input as much as needed and give career advice. My additional responsibilities include taking care that the lab is compliant with all the safety regulations and making sure that all our protocols and lab notes are up-to-date.  By applying for grants from different sources, I provide a continuous flow of funding for supply, lab equipment and core charges, to ensure that lab members has everything they need to conduct their experiments. I am available for feedback for research presentations, fellowship and grant applications, job talks, manuscripts and reviews. By organizing communication and exchange with external and internal collaborators, I pursue access to expertise and information needed to complete projects successfully.