Mathieu's and Malek's paper will appear in Nature Communications (08/2018 )

Caitlin Crook is back in the lab as a summer intern. Caitlin is an Undergraduate from UCSD. Welcome back, Caitlin and thank you for volunteering! (June 2018)

Dr. Wei Wang joined the Petritsch Lab as a Research Scholar.  Welcome, Wei (February 2018)

Dr. Stefan Grossauer has accepted a position as assistant medical director in Frankfurt-Hoechst. Congratulations, Stefan! (2018)

Malek's will present a poster at the Society for Neuro-oncology Annual Conference in San Francisco Nov 16th - 19th, 2017!

Mathieu will talk at the Nanosymposium "Brain Injury: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms" Sunday, Nov 12, 2017 at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington D.C. 

Claudia will talk at the Session "Stem Cells" at the Society for Neuro-oncology Annual Conference in San Francisco, Sunday, Nov 19, 2017

Jacky Huang has joined the Team as a volunteer and UC Berkeley Undergraduate

Angel Ordaz - a second year medical student at UCSF - joined us for a very successful summer research project studying the cross-talk of stem cells and the tumor immune system. Angel was supported by a Summer Explore Research Fellowship through the Resource Allocation Program for trainees (RAP'tr).

Malek Chouchane is joining the Team. Welcome, Malek (February 2017)

Current and former Petritsch lab members will meet at the Society for Neuro-oncology meeting in Scottsdale Arizona Nov 17-20, 2016!

Noemi's K99 application has received a fundable score.  Noemi, that is so awesome and well-deserved (10/2016).

In other exciting news, Dr. Mathieu Daynac's paper on Sonic Hedgehog role on neural stem cell quiescence has been accepted in Stem Cell Report. (09/2016)

Our study by Grossauer and Koeck introducing a new, immunocompetent mouse model for glioma and testing combinations of BRAF and MEK targeted inhibitors has been accepted in Oncotarget.  Great teamwork! (09/2016)

Dr. Grossauer and Dr. Koeck have accepted positions at Universitaetsklinikum Bochum, Germany. Congratulations on this achievement.  (01/2016)

Claudia talking with Benito Campos on behalf of the Young Alliance in Cancer about glioma research:

Claudia talking with Martina Stadlbaur from Bridges Magazine about glioma research and career:

Claudia’s interview with Jason Bardi from UCSF following up on the 2010/2011 Cancer Cell papers: